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Lewisboro Real Estate Analysis


Lewisboro Real Estate Market Stats

Average Home Values

Price Distribution

Owners vs Renters

Home Averages

$125 Average Price

Local vs National Home Values

Median 3-Bedroom Home Value $565,700 $189,700
Median 4-Bedroom Home Value $752,300 $313,200
Percent Homes Decreasing 125 0
Percent Listing Price Reduction 11.6% 11.9%
Median List Price Per Sq Ft $247 $125
Median List Price $725,000 $239,500
Median Sale Price 125 2,440,175
Homes For Sale 125 2,440,175
Homes Recently Sold 125 2,440,175
Property Tax $14,905 $2,147
Turnover (Sold Within Last Yr.) 3.4% 3.2%
Median Value Per Sq Ft 125 132
Homes For Sale By Owner 3 89,982
New Construction 0 126,909
Foreclosures 1 15,286

Walk Score for Lewisboro

Lewisboro School Data

Lewisboro School Districts

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Lewisboro Schools

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